Add Guest

What is This?

Enter guest personal and address information. Guest record can also be automatically created when you book an appointment for a guest from the Appointment Book. Capturing guest information accurately, such as name, phone number, email address, date of birth, etc is critical as this information is used to send automatic notifications to the guest via text messages or email. Choose the appropriate setting for the 'Preferences - Receive Email\Receive Transactional Text Messages and Receive Marketing Text Messages field whether or not the guest wants to receive text messages or email messages from you. These preferences will be selected by default, deselect if the guest does not want to receive them.

Note: Transactional SMS : All types of messages except Campaign and Birthday notification messages comes under Transactional SMS.
Marketing SMS: Only Campaign and Birthday notification messages comes under Marketing SMS.


  • You can capture guest referrals through the 'Referral' field and allocate loyalty points to the referring guest.
  • Data captured here can be used to create target segments based on guest gender, age, address, and so on.
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