Modifying Existing Guests


To review information about a guest, perform the following steps:

  • Click the Manage Guests link in the Loyalty module.


  • A list of all the guests in the current center will display. To export the list click on any of the export links (Excel, PDF, or CSV)

  • There are multiple ways you can locate a guest using the search box. You can search for a guest using their name, phone number or email address. Alternately you can use the code, tag or username  when looking up a guest. 


  • Click on the Add button in the right hand pane to create a new guest record.

  • Click on the name of a guest to modify the guest record.

  • Click Merge Guests to merge duplicate guest records

  • Click Send Guest Data Link to send a sign up or custom data form to guest. 

    Note: The Send Guest Data Link button will only show if you have Guest Data Form template activated at the organization level. When the Send Guest Data Link button is clicked and no custom data is configured in Zenoti, a link to a form (with the default first name, last name, email, mobile and gender fields) will be sent.   When custom data is configured, the form will display the default fields and the custom fields.

    Sending a sign up or custom data form to the guest allows you to get their personal information before they come in for their appointment.  In case your organization has purchased the webstore add-on, all guest custom data information would be accessible from Guest Data section (right below Profile) when guest logs in to Webstore.

  • Click the appropriate tab to make the required changes and click Save.
    • General tab - Use this tab to enter guest personal information such as guest name, address, phone number, email address, date of birth, anniversary date, referral, preferences to receive email, transactional text messages and marketing text messages from you, etc. If a guest's phone number has changed and you need to update that in the system, access this page for the guest and make the change here. Also, use this page to track a guest's DOB, anniversary date, Email, etc.
    • Notes tab - Use this tab to capture guest information or preferences that help you provide a personalized experience to the guest. Notes can be used to record information, and can be configured to display when booking an appointment for the guest, when a guest checks in, when checking out a guest or when doctors view a guest’s details..

                   guest notes.png

      • If you select the Show during check-in option the alert will show up when the status of the appointment is changed to check in. For example if you know that the guest prefers green tea, you can use this alert to remind the front desk about it during check-in.


      • When Show when booking an appointment is selected the alert will show up on the appointment book as soon as the guest’s name is selected. For example when a guest is booking an appointment the front desk can be reminded of a specific room that she likes to use and book it if it is available. 


      • If Show when taking payment is selected the alert will show up in the POS when you take  a payment. For example when taking a payment in the POS the front desk can use the alert to remind a guest about booking their next appointment.


      • The Private option will only be visible to staff who have the permission bit ViewPrivate enabled  and they can then create and view these notes. This is useful in medi-spas where a doctor might be the only person given permission to create and view such notes.

                  private note.png

      • Click Add and the note will appear below.
      • To delete notes after they are added click the red “X” button.             
    • Appointments tab - Use this tab to look at all previous appointments for the guest. Details about previous appointments such as service name, therapist who performed the service, price and discount are displayed.   You will also see various icons for each appointment booked by the guest – icons to view or enter service custom data, feedback and prescription data, and also an icon to view the appointment log.

                  PrescriptionIcons2 - Copy.png

   Note: You can identify prescriptions that haven’t been created as they will have a different icon compared to those

   prescriptions which are already created.

    • Memberships tab - Use this tab to look at membership related information for this guest. Details such as membership name, invoice number, receipt number, purchase date of the membership, expiration date of the membership, price, and balance information is shown. If you have the permissions, you can also extend the membership expiry date by clicking on the expiration date and choosing a different date from the calendar.
    • Packages tab - Use this tab to look at packages related information for the guest. Details such as package name, invoice number, receipt number, and pricing information for the package is displayed. To look at redemption for the package, click on the package name and see the various benefits included in the package, how much was used, how much is the balance and so on.
    • Prepaid cards tab - Use this tab to look at prepaid cards information for the guest. Details such as invoice number, receipt number, prepaid card number, whether the prepaid card is a gift card, price, value, expiration date, and so on is displayed. Click on the prepaid card number to look at who redeemed the prepaid card and when. You can also see the center where the prepaid card was sold.
    • Issues tab - Use this tab to look at any issues related to this guest that were entered in the system. The issues details such as issue name, description, priority, and status for the issue is shown. You can also see in which center was the issue created, if you have multiple centers.
    • Coupons tab - Use this tab to look at a list of all custom coupons that were generated for this guest and printed on the invoice. If the customer loses the custom coupon, you can look at details of all previous custom coupons from there and see what was redeemed, what was not redeemed, expiry, custom coupon number and so on from this tab.
    • Products tab - Use this tab to look at all products that the customer has bought including who sold the product and product pricing information.
    • Points tab - Use this tab to look at the loyalty points balance for the customer and the details of how those points were accrued and redeemed.
    • Custom tab - Use this tab to enter guest custom data.
    • Open tab - Use this tab to look at all open payments or open appointments or open tickets for this guest. A list of all open invoices are shown along with other details such as invoice number, service date, total amount, amount paid, amount due, and the center name where the ticket is open is displayed. To close the ticket, click on the respected invoice and close the payments. After the ticket is closed, it will not show in this tab.




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