Add Employee - General

What is This?

Enter all relevant details to create an employee record. When an employee leaves your organization, choose the end date instead of deleting the employee record, to save historical data. Hover the mouse on any field on this page to know more about that field.

What Next?

Define employee schedules from the 'Employee Schedule' page.


  • Adding\removing employee records is a function of the HR and should be limited to the head office in a multi-center setup.
  • Set up employee's salary so commissions can be calculated accurately.
  • Enter vacation days for the employee so leave balances can be computed.
  • Assign an employee to an appropriate job which in turn would define the commission for the employee.
  • Define the role of the employee. An employee can have multiple roles in multiple centers. The role defines what an employee can do within Zenoti.
  • Assign employee's job to services that he is entitled to perform
  • Set preferences based on employee profile to receive email, transactional text messages, marketing text messages, daily reports, register closure report, waive biometric check in and access manager mobile application.

Note: Transactional SMS : All types of messages except Campaign and Birthday notification messages comes under Transactional SMS.

Marketing SMS: Only Campaign and Birthday notification messages comes under Marketing SMS.
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