What is This?

Track employee transfers when employees are sent temporarily to help other centers. Employee needs to be deputed to other center from here before an employee can be scheduled for appointments in the other center. Choose the employee from the current center and select the center and the dates where he\she will be working in that center. Employee will be shown in the scheduled roster of the selected center for these dates and will be marked as on 'Deputation' in the base center and all data for the employee - attendance, utilization, punctuality, revenue, etc for these dates will be captured from the other center.

What Next?

  • Setup schedule for the employee in the other center using the 'Employee Schedule' page of the other center.
  • Track employee attendance using the 'Employee Attendance' report.


  • If this is an employee transfer to a new center permanently, then change the 'center' in the 'Employee Profile' page.
  • Even though an employee is on deputation, the commission and payroll report for the employee will be processed in the base center of the employee.
  • Employees can also be allowed multiple deputations on the same day. However, this setting needs to be enabled at the Organization level first.
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