Attendance Category

What is This?

Define various attendance categories here to track attendance for your employees and adjustment (+ or -) to leave balances for the employee falling within that category. Define attendance category for a working day, late check in, or early check out. Also define the penalty that an employee would get for checking in late or checking out early than his scheduled time.

What Next?

Track employee attendance using Employee Attendance report.


  • Whether an employee is late or early is calculated based on the employee's schedule for the day (expected attendance) against the employee's check in\check out recorded from the Appointment Book (actual attendance).
  • Define all scenarios in your organization that you wish to track for this center, for example, half day, late stay and so on for a working day. Similarly, define all scenarios for late check in or early check out, for example, checking in late by 60 mins, and so on. Define the corresponding penalties, for example, checking in late by 60 mins would result in a deduction of .5 day leave.
  • Ideally, no two categories should overlap, but you can overlap two categories if you want to set it up that way.
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