Customize Payroll Settings


By default, our payroll periods are designed to calculate payroll on the first of every month. You can, however, customize your own payroll periods.  For example, some common pay periods include:

  • Weekly: i.e. every Monday of the week or even a specific 7 day interval until the end of the month
  •  Bi-weekly: i.e. every other Monday or on the 1st
  •  Monthly: i.e. every 3rd of the month


To Customize Your Payroll Periods:

In this example, we define a pay period for every Monday in the year. 

1. Ensure you have selected the appropriate center in the view drop-down

2. Navigate to Employee > Pay Period


3. In the Payroll Period table, delete any default pay periods as appropriate by clicking on the X. 




4. In the Pay Frequency drop-down, select Custom (or the appropriate pay frequency for your business).

5. Select the Custom frequency radio button.




6. In the Create pay period(s) starting on text box, enter a date which is the first Monday you wish to start the pay cycle. For example, if you are defining pay periods for all of 2014, enter Jan 6th as it’s the first Monday of the year.
7. In the frequency text box, enter 7.
8. In the ending on textbox, enter the last day of the pay cycle. In our example, to define pay periods for 2014 we select Dec 31st as it is the last day of the year.
9. Click Add.
10. Review the payroll periods that are added to the table.


To Calculate The Payroll:

1. To calculate the payroll, return to the Employee dashboard


2. Select Payroll. (Employee > Payroll)
3. Select the pay period for which you want to calculate the payroll and it will display the report. A 'Bi-weekly' report will look like this.


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