Configuring Center Based Commissions


All employees in a given Center may receive commissions when a center achieves a given target of say $10 million. Or, in some cases, newly-opened Centers may want to boost morale of employees by offering commission to all employees of the Center for the first 3 months after opening. This is called a Center-based commission.

Zenoti calculates Center Commission as a percentage of the total revenue generated by the employee over a pay period; center commissions may have a validity period (such as 3 months). 

 To define center-based commissions:

  1. Click the Admin tab on the main menu.
    The Admin Dashboard appears. 
  2. Expand Organizations
  3. Click Centers
  4. Click the name of a Center.
  5. Enter a Percentage and Valid Till date in the Incentive field n the General tab.
    In the following screenshot, all employees of the Los Angeles Center will earn 10% of total revenue earned per pay period as Center Commission till 31 March 2017. 

Worked Example and Impact on Employee Reports

Consider the following:

Settings Values
Incentive 10%
Valid Till 3 months
Revenue generated by the employee during the latest pay period  $300
Center commission earned by the employee for the current pay period*
Note: The Center Commission earned by the employee for the next two months depends on the revenue generated by the employee over the corresponding pay periods.
(that is, 10% of $300)


If this is the scenario, the Employee Commissions Report displays the Center commission. See the following screenshot for reference. 

Best Practise: To view all the columns of the report, always export these reports - the UI shows fewer columns.

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