How to Book an Appointment from the POS

Booking an appointment from Point of Sale (POS) is faster when compared to booking an appointment from the Appointment Book.

You can choose to book an appointment from POS when you have a large number of guests walking-in without any prior appointment.

You can quickly launch POS, enter service details, and take the payment.

To book an appointment from the POS, do the following:

  1. Launch POS using one of the following methods:
    • Click the POS icon  on the top right corner of the Appointment Book.
    • On the Appointment Book, click an empty block, then click Point of Sale.
  2. In the guest details section at the top of the POS, enter either the mobile number, first name, or last name of the guest, and select a matching record from the list of suggestions.
  3. If the guest record doesn't exist in system, enter the following required guest details to create a new guest record:
  • Mobile number
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Gender
Note: The First name and Last name fields are always mandatory. You can choose to make Gender, Email, and Referral source fields mandatory from the Organization Settings (ADMIN > ORGANIZATIONS > SETTINGS > GUESTS).
  1. In the lower left hand pane of the window, click the Service tab, the following fields appear:
  2. Complete the fields as follows:
    • Services: Use this field to specify the service.
      • If Auto-suggest is enabled, this field acts like a text box. You will see a list of suggestions as you type. Select the desired service from the suggestions.
        Note: You can enable Auto-suggest from Organization level settings by navigating to Admin > Organization > Organizations > Settings > Appointment Book and selecting the Auto-suggest service name on adding a service to an appointment checkbox.
      • If Auto-suggest is not enabled, this field shows up as drop-down list. You can select the desired service from the list
      • (Optional) To see the description of the service, click the information icon  against the Services field.
    • Quantity: Default is 1. Meaning the service is rendered once. Based on your requirement, you can make changes to this field.
    • Price: Displays the price of the selected service. This field is auto populated and cannot be edited.
    • Therapist: Select a therapist for the service.
    • Room: If applicable, select a Room for the service.
    • Start: Select a start time.
    • End: The end time is automatically calculated based on the Service Time that is configured while creating the service.
  3. Click Add Service.
    The service is added.
  4. Enter any other services or sale items and proceed to take the payment as you do other regular appointments. Learn more: Taking Payments.
Note: The appointment block is added in the appointment book. However, checks for appointment conflicts against therapist schedule and therapist qualifications are not done.
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