Create a New Block Out Time Type


The Block Out Time feature prevents you from booking appointments for the therapists when they are on personal or other breaks. Zenoti ships with six types of block out times: Break, Leaving early, Lunch, Meeting, Personal time, and Running late. You can create new block out types from the Employee Dashboard > Settings > Block Out Time Types in the organization view.

To create a new type of block out time

  1. Make sure you are in the Organization view.
  2. Click the Employee tab on the main menu.
  3. On the Employee Dashboard, click Settings, then click Block Out Time Types.
  4. Click Add on the top right hand corner to add a new block out type.
    You can search for an existing block out time type using the search function and then edit it by clicking its name. 
  5. Enter the following details on the Create Block Out Time Type dialog.
  6. Enter a Code, Name, and Description for the block out time type.
    Note: Since the block out names are displayed on the appointment book, use short names so that the users can see the full name on display.
  7. In the Duration field, use the default time period to block for this type.
    Note: This is the default time for a particular block out time type, but the front desk can modify the time in the appointment book.
  8. If you want to count the block out time towards employee utilization, select the Include this time in employee utilization checkbox.
    Note: If you select this checkbox, the block out time type will be considered as service time in employee utilization reports.
  9. Select the Active checkbox if you want to enable to the block out time type in your organization. Only active block out time types are shown to the front desk when they block the time of the therapists.
  10. Click Save.
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