Booking an Appointment for a Service in a Custom Package

As the name suggests, Custom Packages are Packages that are custom-made for guests. The front office can create Custom Packages quickly based on the guest’s choice of Services. 

Example: A guest may be interested in a facial, manicure, and pedicure. In such a case the Front office staff can create a Custom Package for the guest with just these three Services. 

Important: You can book appointments for the Services in the Custom Package only after the guest has made the payment for the Custom Package. 

To book an appointment for Services in a Custom Package:

  1. On the Appointment Book, click an open slot, and click New Appointment.
  2. For a new guest (if a guest record does not exist), enter the following mandatory details to create a new guest record: Mobile number, First name, Last name, and Gender.
    Note: The First name and Last name fields are always mandatory. You can choose to make Gender, Email, and Referral source fields mandatory from the Organization Settings (Admin > Organization > Organizations> Settings > Guests).
    For an existing guest, start typing the first name, last name, or the mobile number, and select a matching profile from the list of suggestions.
  3. Click the Packages link.

    A list of Custom Packages that the guest has paid for appears in the Benefits tab of the next screen. Zenoti displays the Services that are part of the Custom Package. 
  4. Click the Add icon next to a Service to book the appointment in the Appointment Book.
    You can view the appointment with details for each Service in the Custom Package, including price and schedule details in the Appointment Info panel. 
  5. Click Save.
    You can now view the appointment in the Appointment Book. 
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