Configuring Service Commissions at Individual Employee Level


You can define service commissions at the job level as well as the employee level. You can define the commissions in the following ways:

  • Flat amount: Commission set to a fixed amount for each service. 
  • Percentage of the service price: Commission earned by an employee rendering a service will be a percentage of the service sale.
  • Revenue slabs: Commission earned if a service falls within the revenue range defined at the service level.
Commissions when configured at job level apply to all employee for the job. To configure commission for a particular employee differently, use employee level configuration. When both employee level and job level commissions are configured, only employee configuration is considered.

Configuring Flat or Percentage Commissions

Employee service commissions can be set to a flat amount or a percentage of the service price. For example, on performing a service worth $75, you can define 10% that is $7.5 in this case, or $15 to be commission.

To enable commissions at employee level, perform the following steps:

  1. Ensure that you are at the center level.
  2. Click Employee > Employees. The Manage Employees page is displayed.
  3. Click an employee's name.
  4. Click the Services tab.
  5. Click Service.
  6. Click the cell against a service name, under the Commission column, to add commission.
  7. Enter the flat amount or the commission percentage with the percentage (%) symbol as shown in the image.
    Note: To configure commission at the service category level, define the commission percentage or flat amount for the service category. This ensures all the sub-categories and services under the category will use the same commission setting. The same applies to the services sub-categories as well.

  8. Click Save.

Configuring the Revenue Slabs based Commission 

Use revenue slabs if you award commission based on the service revenue that employees generated in a defined period. For example, employees who bring in up to $500 receive 8% commission, up to $1000 receive 12% commission and so on.

To configure the commissions based on revenue slabs, perform the following steps:

  1. Ensure that you are at the center level.
  2. Click Employees > Employees. The Manage Employees page is displayed.
  3. Click an employee name.
  4. Click the Commissions tab.
  5. From the Category drop-down list, select Services.
  6. In the Revenue Range field, enter the range values.
  7. In the Commission % field, enter the commission percentage and click Add. The commissions based on the revenue ranges are displayed as follows:

  8. Click Save.
  9. Repeat the previous step if you want to configure commissions percentages for multiple revenue slabs.

    Example of commission earned when revenue slabs are configured: If you configured the revenue slab for a therapist, Harry Bright, as 10% for services that are priced between $100-$200, and Harry performs a service worth $100, he earns $10 as commission. The following screenshot shows how the commission appears in the Employee Payroll Report.


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