Creating a Membership with Setup Fee


Zenoti enables you to charge a one-time set up fee for recurring memberships, and start the membership later. You can allow the members to receive benefits right after they pay the set up fee, even before the membership starts. If you want to defer the membership benefits, you can offer partial or no benefits until the membership payment begins.

To set up membership with enrollment fee

  1. Make sure you are in the organization view.
  2. On the Zenoti main menu, click Marketing.
  3. On the Marketing dashboard, click Memberships > Memberships
  4. On the Manage Membership window, click Add to start creating a new membership.

    Note: You cannot update the existing memberships with a setup fee.

  5. On the Create Membership window, in the General tab, enter the required details as you would do for all memberships. Learn how to create a membership.
  6. To add a Set up fee for the membership, in the Setup Fee box, type the amount to charge. It is the one-time fee that will be charged to the clients on selling this membership.
  7. In the Start first collection after days box, type the number of days after which you want the membership payment to start. 

    Leave the Start first collection after field blank to keep the membership billing date on the same date. If necessary, you can change the first billing date from the POS window.

  8. After you enter the required details in the General tab, click next to go to the Benefits tab, and configure the membership benefits. Learn how to set up membership benefits.

By default, the system applies the membership discounts to the guests right after they pay the setup fee, even if the first membership payment date is scheduled later. However, the service credits (free services), and credit value apply only after the membership is activated on first payment. 

You can edit the default discount benefits or add free services to the setup fee as follows.

To edit the setup fee benefits

After you create a membership with setup fee, the system creates two memberships by default:

  1. The primary membership that you create
  2. A separate membership for the setup fee which is automatically created by the system, with the same membership name suffixed by _Setup fee.

    Treating the Setup fee as a different membership gives you the flexibility to assign separate service credits and discounts for the setup fee as well as to collect the the setup fee and the actual membership fee in different invoices. 

The system has the following defaults for _Setup fee benefits:

  • Same discount benefits as that of the primary membership
  • No free services by default
  • Credit value doesn't apply 

To edit the setup fee benefits, click the corresponding _Setup fee membership, and configure the benefits like you do for other memberships. Learn how to set up membership benefits.

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