Add Vendor Product Part Numbers

Zenoti allows you to include vendor product part numbers in purchase orders. Part numbers are different from product codes and help vendors easily identify them. For instance, for your center, a hair conditioner may have the code 1756, while the vendor may identify it with the code HC-198. Zenoti lets you associate the hair conditioner with HC-198 along with the product code (1756). 

To add vendor product part numbers:

  1. Ensure that you are at the organization level.
  2. Navigate to Admin >Resources > Vendors.
    The Manage Vendors page opens.
  3. Select a vendor.
  4. On the Edit Vendor page, select the Products
  5. In the Product field, enter the name of the product.
    If it is an existing product, select a match from the list of auto-suggestions.
  6. Add or edit other details such as price, discount, and tax group.
  7. In the Vendor Product Part Number field, enter the part number of the product.
  8. Click Add.

.The vendor product part number that you add here appears in the following:

  • Purchase orders
  • List of Orders by Products report
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