Email Raised Purchase Orders to Vendors

You can email a copy of a raised purchase order to a vendor. Zenoti sends the purchase order in a PDF format to the specified email address of the vendor.

Note: You can configure the email template using the Admin Email/Text settings, available at Admin > Organization > Organizations > Email/Texts tab > Inventory.

To email a raised purchase order to a vendor:

    1. Click the Inventory tab on Zenoti’s main menu.
    2. On the Inventory dashboard, select Procurement > Orders.
      The Manage Procurements page opens.
      To raise a specific purchase order, enter its number in the Order No field, and click Search.
      irene1.pngOtherwise, proceed to Step 3.
    3. Select a report.
    4. In the Order Type drop-down list, select Purchase Orders.  
    5. To filter by vendor, use the Vendors drop-down list.
    6. In the All Statuses drop-down list, select Raised.
    7. Select a time period.
    8. Click Refresh.
      A list of purchase orders based on the selected criteria appears.
    9. Click the Ref # of the purchase order you want to email.
      irene2.pngThe Purchase Order page opens.
    10. Click Email to Vendor.

      Zenoti schedules to send the email to the vendor’s email address configured on the Vendor page (Admin > Resources > Vendors > Vendor Name). If there is no email address registered for the vendor, clicking the Email to Vendor button displays a dialog box that lets you specify the email address.

      The email address that you specify here gets automatically updated on the Vendor page.

      The details of the email appear on the page. See the following image for reference.

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