Configure Zenoti with Okta Application Details

After you create Zenoti application in Okta, you can configure Zenoti with the details of the Zenoti application (you created in Okta).

Note: To complete the steps in this article, you will need the following details:

  • Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL
  • Identity Provider Issuer
  • X.509 Certificate

You would have made a note of the above details while creating the Zenoti application in Okta.

To configure Zenoti with Okta application details:

  1. Log in to Zenoti and at the Organization level, navigate to:
    Admin > Organization > Organizations > Integrations
  2. Expand SAML.
  3. Complete the following fields:
    • Select the Enable SAML checkbox.
    • User Identifier: Okta username
    • Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL: Enter the Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL
    • Identity Provider Issuer: Enter the Identity Provider Issuer
    • X.509 Certificate: Enter the X.509 Certificate
  4. Click Save.
    You have successfully configured Zenoti with Okta application details.​

Complete the following next steps:

  1. Create users in Zenoti with usernames identical to the users in Okta
  2. Assign users for the Zenoti application in Okta

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