Overview of the Manager App


After you install Zenoti’s Manager App, use your credentials to start using the Manager App.  


Note: In the above screenshot, ‘Demo’ is the Account name (or your company name).


As a manager, you can use this app to access basic features of Zenoti:


Change your Centre

If you have the Manager role for multiple centers in Zenoti, you can access details for all these centers.Tap the name of the current center to view a list of other centers you can view.

Select a different center.PNG

View your Dashboard

Your Dashboard displays Revenue and Sales details for your Center for the past 6 months. You can drill down further into these figures.



You can view both, graphical and tabular formats of your data.






You can also swipe to view day wise data. Dates are on the top panel.




View a List of Appointments

You can view a list of day-wise appointments. From the small icons, at a glance, you can check basic appointment-related information such as whether a guest is a new guest, whether the guest has bought any packages, and whether the guest is a member.  


Click the small arrow icon next to an appointment to view appointment details such as scheduled time, duration, therapist name, and feedback given by guest (if any).


Click the green "i" option to view or enter service-related custom data. Click Edit (on the top panel) to provide your inputs in the custom form and click Submit. You can also email this form to your customers. Zenoti sends a confirmation mail to you once the mail is sent.


Note: If you want to use the Guest Edit option, you will need to enter the Access Code.


Edit_Custom data.PNG

Track Your Reports

Browse the list of reports that give you data about Sales, Collections, Revenues, Employees, Inventory, and Marketing.




Audit Your Inventory

As a Manager, you can submit audits for both, Retail and Consumable stock. Tap the name of the Product to enter Store and Floor quantities and to enter your Comments.


After you enter the Store and Floor Quantities, tap Save and then tap the tick mark (✓) on the top right corner to Submit the audit. Zenoti displays a confirmation message once your inventory audit is submitted successfully.


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