View Your Appointments on Your Dashboard

The Appointments section of your Dashboard displays the list of your appointments for the selected time period. By default, the page displays your current day’s appointments. If a service has multiple segments, only those segments that are assigned to you are displayed here.

You can view appointments for any past or future dates using the Time Period filter.


Refer to the following table for columns and their descriptions. 

Column   Description
Invoice No Displays the invoice number that is created while booking an appointment.
Guest Displays the name of the guest who booked the appointment.
Service Displays the name of the service that is booked.
Date Displays the date of the appointment.
Start Time Displays the Start time of the appointment.
End Time Displays the End time of the appointment.
Request Type Displays the type of therapist requested: Any/Male/Female/Specific therapist.
Room Displays the Room booked for the appointment.
Status Displays the status of the appointment such as: 
  • Open - Appointment is booked but not yet confirmed - no payment has been received.
  • Confirmed - Guest confirmed the appointment. 
  • Checked-in - Guest is currently in the center.
  • Canceled - Guest has canceled the appointment. 
  • No Show - Guest has a confirmed appointment, but has not come to the center at the appointed time. 
  • Deleted - Appointment has been deleted. 
  • Closed - Full payment has been received and invoice is closed.
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