Applying Tax Exemption on Invoices

Before you can start using this feature, ensure that your center has been configured for this feature.
Contact Support to enable this feature for your center.

Sometimes you’ll need to provide tax exemptions on certain invoices that meet special criteria. For example, in some centers in the US, customers who come with a prescription stand eligible for tax exemption for prescribed items. Also, in India, employees working in a few selected organizations such as ICRISAT can avail tax exemptions. 

Zenoti allows you to exempt taxes from an invoice when you enable the feature for your center. 

Important Notes:

  • Zenoti doesn’t verify the eligibility of invoice items for tax exemption, so you must make sure your employees apply tax exemption to the right invoices.
  • Tax exemption can be applied to an invoice as a whole, and to not individual items in the invoice. So, if a guest purchases items that do not qualify for exemption, alongside the items that do, make sure to create separate invoices for them. 

To apply tax exemption on an invoice

  1. Open the invoice to take payment. When you enable the Exempt Tax feature for your center, the following alert appears on all invoices:

  2. waive_tax.jpg
  3. On the alert, click Exempt Tax. The tax amount in the invoice becomes 0, and the total is adjusted accordingly. 
    Note: After clicking Exempt Tax, the link in the alert changes to Undo. If you want to remove the tax exemption, click Undo, and the tax amount reappears in the invoice. 
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