Collecting Service Charges from Guests

Permission available to: Managers and owners

A service charge is a predefined amount automatically added to a service invoice. It is always based on a percentage of the service price, typically 15-20% of the service price (before tax). A service charge is paid in addition to the payment made towards services and tips.
Unlike a tip which is an optional payment, you can make service charge a mandatory for all services.
Zenoti allows you to define the percentage of the service price you want to collect as service charge. You can also split the amount between several entities such as therapists, support staff, or business and define the percentage contribution for each component.

To collect service charge from guests:

Note: Service charges are also referred to as support staff gratuity in Zenoti. If service charge is collected on the invoice, then the same is printed as “Service Charge” on the receipt generated for the guest.

  1. Ensure that you are at the center level.
  2. Navigate to Admin > Organization > Centers > select the center name.
    The Edit Center page opens.
  3. Click the Settings tab.
  4. Expand Invoice and Receipt.
  5. Navigate to the Allow collection of support staff gratuity setting.
    By default, this checkbox is clear. This implies that service charges are not added to the invoice in the POS window.
    To include service charges in the invoice, select the Allow collection of support staff gratuity checkbox.
    Note: If selected, this becomes a mandatory charge for all services. Only employees with permissions to override support staff gratuity can edit the service charge amount directly in the POS window. Manager and owner roles have the permission enabled, by default.

    Once the Allow collection of support staff gratuity checkbox is selected, the fields in the following image appear:
  6. Complete the fields as described in the following steps:
    • Support Staff Gratuity Percentage: Enter the percentage of the service price that should be considered as service charge at the time of taking payment in the POS window.
      Notes on Support Staff Gratuity Percentage:
      • This percentage applies to all services provided at the center.
      • If a service has support staff gratuity separately defined at the individual service level (center level > Admin > Resources > Services > select a service > click the Price tab to view or edit the percentage in the Support Staff Gratuity field), then that percentage applies to the service invoice at the POS window. The percentage applied for all services at the center level do not apply.
      • If the support staff gratuity defined at the individual service level is 0%, then no service charge is added to the service invoice.
    • Define Support Staff Gratuity Component: This setting enables you to split or distribute the service charge among other entities such as therapists, support staff, or business. Define the components as follows:
      1. Name: Enter the name of the component. For instance, a component could be therapist or business unit. You can provide multiple component names.
      2. Percentage: Enter the percentage of the service charge that must go towards each component. For instance, if you specify 50% for a therapist component, it means the therapist gets half the service charge amount. Similarly, if you specify 100%, it means the therapist gets the full amount of service charge.
        Note: If you are adding multiple components, ensure that the percentages entered for each component total to 100%.
        In the following example image:
        Support Staff Gratuity Percentage = 20%
        Component names: Therapists, support staff, and business
        Percentage: 90% for therapists, 5% for support staff, and 5% for business (totaling to 100%).
        If the service invoice amount is $100 (before tax), the total service charge to be collected from the guest over and above the total service amount is $20. Which means the guest needs to pay $120 + taxes if any.
        This service charge of $20 splits as follows:
        Therapist = $18 (20*90/100)
        Support staff = $1 (20*5/100)
        Business = $1 (20*5/100)
        To view the service charge split amount among various components, read: Support Staff Gratuity Summary Report.
      3. Provider Split: Select this checkbox to allow the service charge to be further split between multiple therapists who have attended to the guest.
        Note: You can enable provider split only for one component. 
        If two services are added to the invoice and both services were performed by separate therapists, then both the therapists will receive the service charge amount (on weighted ratio) if the Provider Split checkbox is selected for the component.
        In the above example, if $18 is split among two therapists, then each therapist receives $9 ($18/2).
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