Set Appointment Time Slots for Online Bookings

Zenoti’s Appointment Time Slots setting lets you define the intervals from when guests can book their appointments online. The intervals displayed to the guest for booking a service and selecting the start time are based on this setting.

To set the Appointment Time Slots for online booking:

  1. Ensure that you are at the organization level.
  2. Navigate to Admin > Organization > Organizations.
  3. Click the Catalog tab.
  4. Expand Online Booking and navigate to the Appointment Time Slots setting.
  5. Select an appropriate time interval.
    The time interval selected appears in the Check Availability and Start time drop-down list in the webstore.
    If the  Appointment Time Slots is set to 1 hour, then guests can book appointments at 9:00 A.M, 10:00 A.M, 11:00 A.M, and so on. The option of booking an appointment between these intervals (such as at 9:30 A.M or 10:30 A.M) is not available to the guest.
  6. Click Save.
    Note: By default, the above setting (for webstore) considers the same time interval as defined in Admin > Organization > Organizations > Settings tab > expand Appointment Book > Appointment Time Slots. For instance, if the Appointment Time Slot setting in the Settings tab is set to 15 minutes, by default, the Appointment Time Slot setting in the Catalog tab (for webstore) is also 15 minutes.
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