List View of Appointment Book

Note: The list view described in this article is part of the new Appointment Book, which is currently not enabled by default. Contact Support if you want to enable it. 

The list view of the Appointment Book provides a detailed view of your guests’ appointments on a given day.

To access the list view of the Appointment Book:

  1. If you are not already in the Appointment Book, click Appointment on the main menu.
    The Appointment Book opens.
  2. Click the list view icon listview_new.png in the second panel on top of the Appointment Book.


    The list view opens and displays all the appointments for the selected date.

The following table describes all the tasks you can perform using the Appointment Book’s list view and how.

Task How to...

Book a new appointment

  1. Click ListView2.png.
    The Appointment Info panel opens.
  2. Enter the guest details.
  3. Select the service or package.
  4. Select the therapist, time, and optionally a room.
  5. Click Save or Take Payment.

Search and filter guests

  1. Click inside the search box (shown in the following image).
  2. Search and filter by guest’s name, phone, email, or code.

Filter appointments based on status

  1. Click the drop-down against the Filter By field.
  2. Select a status from the list of options.

    Example: To only view appointments that have been confirmed, select Confirmed.

    By default, the Appointment Book displays all appointments.

Change the appointment status/Take payment

Click Actions against the appointment whose status you want to change, and then select the appropriate status or Take Payment to go to the Point of Sale window.

Modify an appointment

  1. Click the expand icon exapand_listview.png against the appointment that you want to make changes to.
    The Appointment Info panel appears.
  2. Edit the appointment as appropriate, and then click Save.

Print appointments grouped by hour

Click the printer icon print_listview.png against a time frame.

Example: If you want to print all appointments from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM, click the printer icon against it, as shown in the following image.

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