Note: Zenoti supports integration only in the UAE. To complete integration with Zenoti, you will need a account. If you do not have one, contact

Zenoti supports integration with to facilitate online transactions on Webstore.  

In this article, you will understand how to:

Configure in Zenoti

You can choose to configure for your entire organization or for specific centers. Note that if you configure at the center level, the center settings override the organization settings.

To configure in Zenoti:

  1. To configure at the center level, select the desired center and navigate to Admin > Centers.
    The Manage Centers page opens.
    Note: To configure for the entire Organization, navigate to Admin > Organization > Organizations and skip to step 3.
  2. Click the name of your center.
    All center settings categorized by tabs appear.
  3. Click the Payment tab.
  4. Expand Integrated Payment Processing.
    The Payment Processor settings appear.
  5. If you are setting up for a center, ensure that you select Use center settings checkbox, and from the Payment Processor field, select Checkout.
    Options related to your account appear.
  6. Enter your Secret and Publishable Key.
    Note: If you do not have these details, contact 
  7. Select Enable credit card processing in Webstore and click Save.
    You have successfully integrated with Zenoti and can now collect card payments in Webstore.

Process Card Payments on Webstore

Once you configure, guests can make card payments on Webstore as follows:

  1. Guests log in to the Webstore, make a purchase, and come to the Payments Screen.
  2. Guests click Pay Now.
    A window to enter the card details appears.
  3. Guests enter their card details and click Submit Payment.
    The transaction details are updated in Zenoti.
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