Adding Service Equipment

In Zenoti, equipment refers to the instruments required to perform services at your center. For example, equipment could be an laser hair removal machine.

Adding your service equipment in Zenoti helps you to:

  • Manage your appointment bookings.
    • Avoid overlapping of appointment bookings that use the same equipment.
    • Assign equipment to services and rooms automatically.
  • Track your equipment utilization using reports.

To add service equipment:

  1. Ensure you are at the center level and navigate to Admin > Resources > Equipment.
    The Manage Equipment page appears.
  2. Click Add.
    The Create New Equipment page appears.
  3. In the General section complete the fields as follows.
    Field Description
    Code Enter a unique identification for the equipment.
    Name Enter the name of the equipment.
    Description (Optional) Enter a brief description of the equipment.
    The description should ideally describe the purpose or usefulness of the equipment.
    New Full Body Massage Chair Recliner w/Back Roller and Heat Stretched Foot
    Quantity Enter the number of machines that are available for booking at your center.
    Active Select the Active checkbox to make the equipment available while booking an appointment.
    Clear the Active checkbox to make the equipment  unavailable for selection while booking an appointment.
    If the equipment is not in a working condition, clear the Active checkbox and make the equipment unavailable for selection when booking an appointment.
    Allow to book more than capacity Select the Allow to book more than capacity checkbox to allow your front desk staff to book services more than the equipment quantity.
    The Allow to book more than capacity checkbox is clear by default. This prevents your staff from booking appointments once the equipment capacity is reached. Example:
    If your center has 2 massage chairs and you have scheduled two services for the same time that require massage chairs, your front desk staff cannot schedule a third service that needs the equipment until one of the 2 services is complete. An alert indicating that the equipment is unavailable and to reschedule the appointment appears.

    If you select the Allow to book more than capacity checkbox, your front desk can book another service at the same time when the equipment is in use.
  4. Click Next.
    The Rooms section appears.
  5. Assign rooms to the equipment or click Finish if you do not want to assign the equipment to rooms.
    Assigning rooms ensures that the equipment is selected when booking an appointment in the room.
    To assign rooms:
    1. Select the checkboxes against the rooms that include the equipment.
      Note: Only rooms created for your center appear for selection. Read: Creating Rooms

    2. Click one of the following:
      • Click Next to add services. Proceed to step 4.
      • Click Finish if you do not want to add services to the equipment. Not assigning services imply that the equipment is available for booking “any” service with the selected room.
        Note: You can anytime assign or update the room assignments. Read: Assigning Equipment to Rooms.
  6. Assign services that require the equipment.
    When booking an appointment for the assigned service, the equipment gets assigned automatically once the Room selection is made (room assigned to equipment).
    A laser hair removal equipment is assigned to room 1 and room 2. It is also assigned to services X and Y. Now, when your front desk staff creates an appointment for service X or Y, and selects one of the assigned rooms (rooms 1 or 2), the equipment automatically gets assigned to the room and service.
    Select the services as follows:
    1. Click the Services field and select the service from the drop-down menu.
    2. Click Add.
      The service is added and the equipment is mapped to the service.
      Repeat these steps to add multiple services.
      Note: To delete a service, click the icon beside the service name.

      Note: You can anytime assign or update the service assignments. Read: Assigning Equipment to Services.
  7. Click Finish.
    The equipment details are now saved in Zenoti.
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