Editing Service Equipment Details

If you have added your service equipment in Zenoti, you can update your existing service equipment details anytime.

Typically, managers or owners edit the equipment details to:

  • Update the available equipment quantity
  • Mark an equipment as active or inactive
  • Allow or prevent front desk staff from booking more than the equipment capacity
  • Assign or remove equipment mapping from rooms and services

This article provides instructions on updating your equipment details. To remove or assign equipment to rooms and services read: Assigning Equipment to RoomsAssigning Equipment to Services

To edit your service equipment details:

  1. From the center level navigate to Admin > Resources > Equipment.
    The Manage Equipment page appears with the list of equipment at your center.
  2. Click the Name of the equipment you want to edit.
    The Edit Equipment page opens.
  3. In the General section edit the following fields as per your requirement.
    • Quantity: Enter the number of machines that are available for booking at your center. 
      If you have acquired more pieces of the same equipment, you can update the number in the Quantity field or you can reduce the number if a piece is out of order.
    • Active: Select the Active checkbox to make the equipment available while booking an appointment.
      Clear the Active checkbox to make the equipment unavailable for selection while booking an appointment.
      If the equipment is not working, then clear the Active checkbox and make the equipment unavailable for selection when booking an appointment.
    • Allow to book more than capacity: Select the Allow to book more than capacity checkbox to allow your front desk staff to book services more than the equipment quantity.
      Clear it to prevent your staff from booking appointments once the equipment capacity is reached. Your front desk staff will see an alert indicating that the equipment is unavailable and to reschedule the appointment.
  4. Click Save.
    The equipment details are now updated in Zenoti.

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