Create or Customize a Feedback Form

Zenoti allows you to create a feedback form with a set of customized questions that you can use to gather opinions of guests visiting your business establishment. 

After the feedback form is created, it is made available in the Appointment Book, Webstore, Customer Mobile App, Employee Mobile App, and Manager Mobile App for guests to give their feedback (rate their experience). You can also choose to print the feedback form on every receipt,  invoice, or both and request guests for their feedback.

To create or customize a feedback form:

  1. At the organization level, navigate to Admin > Organization > Organizations > Settings (tab).
    A list of settings appears.
  2. Expand Feedback.
    Customize your Feedback Form section appears.
  3. The feedback form consists of the following sections:
    • Rating Questions: Allows you to select a category (for example, ambience, cleanliness, service experience, overall experience) and ask customized questions that the guest can rate between 1 and 5 stars. 
      For example, you can select the category as Service Experience and enter the question as "Rate your massage experience?" 
      Note: The category does not appear on the feedback form. Only the question is displayed.
    • Yes or No Questions: Ask questions that the guests answer in yes or no. For example, "May we share your feedback?" or "Would you like to join our membership program?".
    • Comments: A text box where you can ask guests to enter additional comments or feedback.
  4. Based on your requirements, complete the feedback form.
  5. Click Preview to see how the feedback form appears to the guest or front desk staff when printed.
  6. Click Save.
    The feedback form is saved and appears in the Appointment Book, Webstore, Customer Mobile App, Employee Mobile App, and Manager Mobile while taking feedback.
    The following is how the feedback form appears in the appointment book and webstore after a guest provides feedback: 
    Appointment Book Webstore


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