Masking Gift Card Numbers

Zenoti allows you to mask the on-screen display of gift card numbers so that only the last two digits are displayed to the front desk staff. Each remaining digit is masked with an asterisk (*) (if a card number has only two digits, the first digit is masked). Only employees with the required permission can view the complete gift card number.
This setting is especially useful to prevent unauthorized use of gift cards.

This article explains:

How to mask gift card numbers?

Navigate to the setting as follows:

  1. From the organization level, navigate to Admin > Organization > Organizations.
  2. Click the Settings tab and expand the Invoice & Receipts section.
  3. Select the Mask the gift card numbers to all users checkbox.
    Note: The checkbox is clear by default. This allows your front desk staff to view the gift card numbers.
  4. Click Save.
    The gift card numbers will now be masked at all places visible to your front desk staff.

Impact on masking gift Card numbers

Before you enable the setting to mask gift card numbers, you must be aware of its impact on the various tasks that the front desk performs with gift cards.

When enabled, Zenoti masks the gift card number in the following locations:

  • POS (Point of Sale) window:
    • When redeeming a gift card:
      To redeem a gift card, your front desk must obtain the card number from the guest, and then apply it to the payment.
      If the guest is not aware of the card number, a staff member with the required permission can provide this information.
      To learn more about how to redeem gift cards that are masked, read: Redeeming a Gift Card (Gift card number is masked section).

    • When generating invoices and receipts:
      Zenoti displays the complete gift card number on the receipt, when printed for the first time. However, on any subsequent payments made with the gift card, the card number is masked on the invoice and receipt generated.
  • Guest profile:
    The gift card number is masked in the following places:
    • Code# field in the Gift Cards tab of the guest profile. The front desk must obtain the card number from the guest to view the card redemption data.
      Note: Editing the balance or expiration date on the gift card requires the front desk to enter the complete gift card number.
    • An invoice opened or edited from the guest profile containing the gift card number.
    • On the Refund screen, when processing a refund on a payment made using a gift card.
    • All other tabs such as Appointments, Memberships, and Products, where the gift card number appears as a payment method.

Required permission to view complete gift card numbers

Roles with the Display gift card numbers permission can view complete gift card numbers. This permission is enabled for the owner role by default.

To enable the permission for other roles, navigate to Organization level > Organizations > Security Roles > Select the role > Click the Permissions tab > Expand the Loyalty Manager section and select Display gift card numbers.

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