Zenoti Payments: Hardware FAQ

Hardware questions

  • What hardware do I require to accept credit card transactions through Zenoti Payments?
    Refer to the support article Purchase Hardware to Support Zenoti Payments.

  • How do I place an order for the hardware?
    Orders are made through Zenoti. Please contact your Project Manager, and they will help you place an order.

  • How many units of each hardware item do I require?
    Each Miura credit card reader requires an iPad. We suggest 1 card reader for each register. If your business has a high percentage of stored cards, you may require fewer card readers.

  • Do I have to purchase the hardware that you’ve recommended?
    The Miura Credit Card Reader is required. An iPad is required. We highly recommend that you purchase the Miura card reader stand and the iPad stand that we’ve tested. However, you may purchase an iPad stand of your choice, but you are responsible for assessing compatibility and usability, including providing a power supply and security mechanism to lock the iPads into the stand.

  • Is there a recommendation on the iPad size?
    Yes, we recommend that you use an iPad that is at least 9.7 inches or bigger.

  • Do I have to purchase your recommended card reader stand?
    We highly recommend you purchase the card reader stand, as it provides a constant power supply. The battery life on a single charge is approximately 3 hours. If you choose not to purchase the card reader stand, you can charge the card reader with a Micro USB charger.

  • Can I use my existing receipt printers? Do I have to purchase a receipt printer?
    We highly recommend using the Miura printer that comes in the POSzle pack and the RP-D10 Bluetooth printer.

  • Do I require the Miura hub?
    The hub is used to connect your receipt printer to the cash drawer. This is only required if you want the register to open when accepting a cash payment through the mobile POS.

  • How do I setup the hardware?
    For setup instructions, please refer to Set Up Zenoti Payments. The setup document will walk you through how to configure Zenoti to turn Zenoti Payments on, pair the card reader and printer to your iPad and how to process your first transaction.

  • What is sleep mode for my card reader?
    If the Miura card reader is running on battery, it disconnects it’s bluetooth connection to the iPad after 4 minutes of inactivity to conserve power. This is referred to as sleep mode.
    You can wake the card reader from sleep mode by pressing the green button at  which time it will automatically try to reconnect with its paired iPad.

Zenoti Payment questions

  • Are all cards charged the same rate?
    Yes, all credit cards including VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are charged the same transaction fee.  

  • Can I walk around with the iPad (Mobile POS)?
    Yes, our mobile POS is designed to empower your staff to walk around your center. You can add retail items, add services and add-ons for the guest from anywhere. If the guest’s card is already on file, you can also close out the transaction using the Mobile POS.

  • What is the “Mirror” mode for your Mobile POS?
    The mirror mode allows you to set up a customer facing, payment kiosk. In this mode, your front desk uses their desktop computer to perform the transaction, while the guest can see the invoice items and total due amount on an iPad that faces them.
    The guest’s experience on the iPad in mirror mode includes the ability to:  
    • Review the invoice
    • Select a tip amount
    • Pay by swiping or inserting their credit or debit card
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