Zenoti Payments: Accept Credit Card Payments using Zenoti Mobile POS

This article walks you through the steps to initiate a payment from the Zenoti Mobile POS.  Before you can accept credit card payments using Zenoti Payments, you should have completed the setup instructions.

Note: If you plan to initiate a payment through the desktop, read the read the Zenoti Payments: Set Up Mirror Mode and Zenoti Payments: Accept Card Payments in Mirror Mode articles.  

To accept credit card payments on Zenoti Mobile POS

  1. On the iPad, launch Zenoti Mobile POS.
  2. Select the appointment for which you wish to take payment.
    The appointment details appear to the right with an option to Checkout.
  3. Tap Checkout
    A window to add more items to the invoice appears. The total amount appears to the right.
  4. Select the required additional items and tap Total.
    The various payment types appear.
  5. Select Credit Card as the payment method. The credit card payment screen opens.
  6. Based on your requirement, you can do one of the following:
    • If the guest's credit card is stored on the file, tap it to complete taking the payment.
    • Tap Add New Card and store a new credit card on file.
    • Tap Use Card Reader.
  7. If you have tapped Use Card Reader in the previous step, a prompt asking you to Present Card appears.
  8. Based on the card (chip, magnetic stripe, or NFS enabled) the guest has presented, you can dip, swipe, or tap the credit card on the card reader.
  9. Follow the instructions on the card reader to complete the transaction.
    The transaction details are updated in Zenoti and a Payment Successful screen appears with an option to print receipt (requires you to have a printer connected to your iPad).
    Note: The very first time you transact using the card reader, the card reader might perform a software update on the device (takes few minutes to complete). This update happens only once.
  10. (Optional) Tap Print to print the receipt.
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