Purchase Hardware to Support Zenoti Payments

To accept credit card payments using Zenoti Payments, you will need to identify your hardware requirements and place an order with your Zenoti representative.

You may choose to purchase the POSzle pack, which includes the following items:

  • Miura credit card reader
  • Miura credit card cradle
  • Miura printer
  • Fuse hub
  • iPad Stand

You can alternatively choose to purchase the Miura credit card reader and Miura credit card cradle; you will then need to procure your own iPad stand and printer.

MiuraCR.png cradle.png

Miura credit card reader 

This is an EMV compliant card reader.

Miura credit card cradle




Fuse Hub

Connects your printer to the cash drawer and opens when accepting a cash payment through the mobile POS.

iPad Stand 



Please note that, in addition to the hardware listed above, the front desk requires an iPad (9.7 inches or bigger) to accept credit card transactions through dips, swipes and taps, as well as Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay.

After you have receive your hardware, complete the following:

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