Zenoti Payments: Pair your Card Reader to your iPad

To accept credit card payments, you will need to pair an iPad with your card reader. Note that the iPad must already have the Zenoti Mobile POS installed.

To pair your card reader to your iPad

  1. On the card reader, hold down the Bluetooth button.
    The button flashes blue indicating that it is now in "Pairing Mode".
  2. On the iPad, open settings and turn on Bluetooth. 
  3. From the list of devices, locate Miura and tap on it. 
    Note: If Miura is not listed (discoverable) on iPad, do the following: 
    • Long press the green check on the card reader.

    • Turn the Bluetooth on the iPad off and back on.

    • Reset the card reader by inserting a pin or the end of a paper clip into the pinhole and press down.

  4. On the iPad and on the card reader, you will see numeric codes. Ensure that the code on the iPad matches the code displayed on the card reader.
    bluetoothpairing.png devicebluetoothpairing.png
  5. If the codes match, tap Pair on the iPad and then press the green check on the card reader.
    You have successfully connected your iPad to the card reader.

  6. On your iPad, launch Zenoti Mobile POS and tap Settings.
    The Settings page opens.
  7. Tap Connected Card Readers.
    You should see your card reader listed here. This indicates that the card reader setup is complete. 
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