Set Up Zenoti Payments

Zenoti Payments is an easy way to accept credit card transactions in-store and online.

Zenoti Payments is powered by the POSzle pack or the Muira Credit Card Reader. The system supports a variety of payment types, including card swipes, dip transactions, contactless payment from Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, and credit cards stored on file.

To set up Zenoti Payments and your POS equipment, you will need to:

  1. Purchase hardware to support Zenoti Payments
  2. Set up your Zenoti Payments hardware
  3. Configure your Zenoti account to accept Zenoti Payments
  4. Install the Zenoti Mobile POS app on an iPad
  5. Pair the credit card reader to the iPad
  6. Pair the printer to the iPad

After setting up Zenoti Payments, you will be able to:

Please note that Zenoti Payments is powered by Stripe, and you will be asked to create a Stripe account during the setup process.

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