What's New in January

Read our January Upgrade blog post for major feature enhancements in the January 2017 release. What's New includes only the features that are not explained in the blog post.

Zenoti Spa Salon Software january Upgrade

Happy New Year! Your Zenoti account was upgraded with a number of great features on January 9, 2017. With this release, you can do more with gift cards, target segmentation, and securing employee data. Read on for what’s new.


With this release of Zenoti, you can now refund payments that were made using gift cards. For added flexibility, the refund can be applied entirely to the gift card that was used, or it can be split among various payment options, such as cash, checks, credit card, custom payments, or as a prepaid card for the refund amount.
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The data your business generates, including your employee-related information, needs to be secure and accessible to only those in the proper roles. Beyond just good business practice, in some cases it is required by law. To ensure your employee data is more secure, this release of Zenoti enhances the way security roles and permissions are set.

The permissions on the Employee Manager section of every role have been further split for better control. New options and subcategories have been added to role permissions for not only the General tab settings, but also for Commissions, HR, and other employee-related settings.

More control has also been added that grants or restricts access to eight employee reports with the addition of the View Employee Reports permission.
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Creating the right target segment is key for successful marketing campaigns. With this release of Zenoti, you can now filter target segments based on visit history for specific services or categories:

Target customers by service + visit history: Previously, you could create target segments that included customers based on their visit history and upcoming visits. You can now further refine that targeting based on the following:

  • Last visit by service – filter based on the service they took in their last visit
  • Next visit by service – filter based on the service they have booked for their next visit
  • Appointment count – filter based on total number of appointments

For example, a medi spa can use the new segment rule Next visit by service to send pre-treatment instructions to guests that are specific to their upcoming service. And similarly, the Last visit by service rule can send post-treatment instructions based on the service taken.

Target customers by product purchase: Prior to this release, you could create target segments based on a guest’s purchase history of a specific product. Now, you can use product tags to identify which brand or product line a product belongs to. This helps you target guests based on their purchase history from a specific line or brand.

Target customers that are not in a loyalty tier: If you run a loyalty points program that uses tiers, you can now target customers who are not in a specific tier for a selected timeframe using the new Is Not option. For example, to filter out customers that are in the Platinum tier, you would set the Is Not option to ‘platinum’.
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If you need help activating any enhancements, contact support.


  • Print gift card and prepaid card balance on receipts.+more
    You can now print the gift card and prepaid card balance on receipts, when you pay using them. The receipt shows the available balance on the card after closing the sale invoice. To do so, navigate to Admin> Organization> Organizations> Settings> Invoice & Receipts> Enable Gift Card in the Print Before Payment and Print After Payment sections.

  • Easily update issue status, and view or add notes.+more
    You can now update the status of an issue, view or add notes, from the guest profile. You no longer need to go to Loyalty > Issue Tracking to do so.
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  • Choose when to open your online bookings. +more
    You can now enable online bookings for your center on a specific date in the future. This helps organizations opening new centers, as it allows them to open online bookings from the day of start.
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  • Track payment transactions for tips.+more
    Zenoti’s Close Payments window now displays a detailed view of tips as a part of the last closure details. It provides a breakdown of the tip amount collected using each payment type, and the number of times a payment type is used to collect tips. 
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  • Quickly recognize members as you search for guests. +more
    You can now see Membership, Expired Membership, and Suspended Membership icons next to relevant guest names when you search from here:
    • Appointment book
    • Bottom Appointment Panel
    • POS
  • Import more vouchers codes, many times.+more
    You can now import up to 20,000 vouchers codes into a discount at once. Earlier, you could only import 5000 codes at once. Also, you can import vouchers codes any number of times by editing the discount.
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  • Take payment for suspended membership using a new card. +more
    You can now charge a suspended membership using a new credit card without adding it in the guest profile. You can add the details of another card using the Add new card link that appears in the Charge window. This links appears only when you select the Online Credit Card option for payment.


  • Run Employee Commissions report for your entire organization.+more
    You can now access Employee Commissions report at the Organization level. When you do so, it provides consolidated data of employee commissions of all your centers. It means, you no longer have to collate it from individual centers manually.
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  • Give role based access to reports.+more
    You can now give role-based access to report categories so that employees only get to work with reports relevant to them. For example, you might want an accountant to view only finance related reports, such as sales, collection, revenue and accounting, but not other reports in Admin Module.
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  • Drill-down appointment details from the Booking Productivity report. +more
    Analyzing the details of bookings made by your employees is an essential part of tracking their productivity. To help you switch between the numbers and details of bookings, we have provided a link from the Booking Productivity report to the Appointment Details report. Click the number in the #Of Appointments column in the Booking Productivity report to open the Appointment Details report. Read help article


  • We've added a Select Refund Mode button to the Refund window, which replaces the Other Methods and Pre-paid card buttons. It lets you choose between prepaid or other refunds from a single place.
  • The invoices or receipts now show the applied gift and prepaid card numbers and their balance. This option doesn’t apply to one-time use cards.
  • Cancelling the first collection of a future membership sale no longer deletes the membership.
  • We’ve added a new filter to the Appointment Details report: Service Date or Appointment Creation date.

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