Setting a Start Date for Opening Online Bookings

Setting available to: Admin, Manager, and Owner roles

Accessible from: Center level


You can specify a date to open your center’s online bookings using the Bookings Start Date option. This is primarily helpful for businesses opening new centers.
For instance, assume the Bookings Start Date is set to January 15, 2017. If a guest visits the webstore on January 1, 2017, the guest can book an appointment for a service from January 15, 2017 onwards.

Note: This article assumes that the following setup is complete in the Zenoti:

  1. The catalog for online bookings is set up at the organization level (Organization level -> Admin -> Catalog -> Online Booking section).
  2. Online appointment booking is enabled at the centre (Center level -> Admin -> Catalog -> Settings section -> Allow Appointment Booking).

Entering a Booking Start Date

      1. At the center level, on the main menu click the Admin tab, and navigate to Organization > Centers.
      2. On the Manage Centers window, select the center name.
      3. On the Edit Center page:
        1. Click the Catalog tab.
        2. Expand the Settings section.
        3. In the Bookings Start Date field select the date from when services can be booked online.

        Guests can now book appointments online from the specified Bookings Start Date.

Notes about entering the Bookings Start Date:

  • If a Bookings Start Date is not provided, Zenoti allows guests to book appointments online from the current date by default.
  • The active Bookings Start Date could be updated at anytime. For instance, you can update the existing Bookings Start Date from January 1, 2017 to January 31, 2017. This action will make online bookings available from January 31, 2017 onwards.

Impact on Webstore Bookings

After a guest selects a service online, the center’s online booking page appears as follows:

  • The date field displays the Bookings Start Date, or the current date (if it is after the Booking Start Date) by default.
    When the guest clicks the calendar icon to choose the preferred appointment date, the dates prior to the Bookings Start Date or the current date (if it is after the Booking Start Date) is unavailable for booking.
    In the below image dates prior to January 15, 2017 are grayed out because the  Bookings Start Date for the center is January 15, 2017.
  • When a Bookings Start Date is not entered, the current date displays by default.
  • All other organization level settings function as defined for online bookings (Organization level -> Catalog -> Online Booking section) such as checking therapist availability, booking appointments for specific days in future, or  displaying time slots.
    Below is an example image of one of the setting applied at the organization level for online bookings.

    This setting allows guests to do the following online:

    • View therapist availability and book appointments for up to 7 days from the selected date. For instance, if the date selected is January 15, 2017, the guest can check therapist availability for the selected date and for the next 6 days as well (January 15 - January 20, 2017).
    • Book an appointment minimum 15 minutes in advance.
    • View the first 3 available therapist slots for 7 days.
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