Update Issue Status and View or Add Notes from Guest Profile

As you manage your day-to-day operations such as appointments, sales, services, financials, and other business processes, you also need to deal with the issues or problems arising out of these multiple processes.

Issue tracking allows you to create, monitor, and resolve the issues. Issues are created in the following ways:

If a guest requests for an update on an issue, you can use the Issues tab of the guest profile to see the progress made on the issue, add notes and change the issue status. 

Important! To add notes and change the status of an issue from the guest profile, ensure you have the Edit permission enabled at the Organization level (Admin > Organization > Security Roles > Role Name > Permissions Tab > Loyalty Manager > Issues).

To update issue status and view or add notes from guest profile:

  1. From the Appointment Book, open the Guest Profile of the guest.
  2. Click the Issues tab.
    The list of issues raised for the guest appears.
  3. You can find information about the issues from the following fields:
    Column Name Description
    Creation Date The date on which the issue was created.
    Issue The title that summarizes the issue. For example, Wi-Fi not working.
    Note: If the issue is created automatically due to a low feedback, the title shows Guest Feedback (Invoice: <invoice number>).
    Description The description of the issue. For example, Unable to connect to internet.
    Note: If the issue is created automatically due to a low feedback, the description field is blank.
    Notes The notes associated with the issue. 
    You can click View Notes to view existing notes or to add additional notes. 
    Note: The number next to View Notes indicates the number of notes added for the issue.
    Status Shows one of the following statuses:
    • Open: Issue is not worked on yet.
    • Deferred: Issue resolution is put off to a later time.
    • Resolved: Issue is fixed.
    • Closed: Verified that the issue is resolved.
    Priority Displays one of the following priority levels:
    • High
    • Medium
    • Low
    Center The center in which the issue was reported.
  4. To view or add additional notes for an issue. Click View Notes.

    A text box to add additional notes and the list of existing notes appear. Based on your requirement do the following:
    • Review existing notes.
    • Add your comments in the text box and click Save.
      You comment is added and appears in the list of notes.
      Note: You cannot edit or delete a saved or existing note. Clicking Cancel only clears any text in the text box. 
  5. Change the status of the issue by clicking the arrow in the Status field and selecting the appropriate status.

    Note: Selecting a Status from the Status field changes the issue status. No further action is required to save the changed status.
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