Financial Report: Sales - Package

The Sales - Package report provides you details of all the packages sold at your center including the sale amount realized, the guest who purchased the package, employee who sold it, and the payment details.   

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Follow these steps to run the report:

  1. Make sure you have selected the center for which you want to run the report. 

  2. On the Main menu, click the Reports tab.

  3. On the Reports Dashboard, click Finance > Sales (from the filter).

  4. From the list of reports, click Sales - Package. The report opens in a new tab.

  5. Make your selections in the Filter Criteria and click Refresh.
    The report opens.

  6. To export the report, on the top right side of the report, click the Excel ()  or .CSV icons (). 

Filter Criteria

Criteria Options Description
Business Unit List of Business Units 

Select All to view sales of all packages across all Business Units.
To view sales related to a particular Business Unit, select that Business Unit.

Time Period Today,
Last 7 days,
Last 14 days,
1 Month,
2 Months,
3 Months,
6 Months,
Based on your requirement, from the drop-down list, select either today, last 7 or 14 days1, 2, 3, or 6 months.
You can alternatively choose Custom from the list and specify custom dates.
Note: For custom dates, you can view data for a maximum date range of 6 months at a time.
Example: If you wish to see data from January to August, first view data from January to June and then view data from July to August.
Invoice Status All,
Select All to view sales of both open and closed invoices.
To view sales of either open or closed invoices, make the appropriate selection as either Open and Closed.
Sold By List of all Employees Select Sold by - All to view package sales of all employees.
To view package sales of a particular employee, select that employee from the list.
Package Name, Tag   To view the sales of a particular package, enter the package name or tag in the field.
To view the sales of all the packages at your center, leave this field blank.


Column Descriptions

Column Description
Invoice The invoice number. Clicking the invoice number opens the invoice details.
Package Name The name of the package. For example, Skin Rejuvenation.
Clicking the package name opens the package details.
Category The category the package belongs to. For example, Skin Care.
Receipt No The receipt number generated when the invoice was closed.
Note: If the invoice is open, no receipt number is generated.
Sold On The date on which the package was sold.
Guest The name of the guest who purchased the package.
Guest Center The primary center of the guest (the center at which the guest's profile was first created).
Employee Code The unique identifier of the employee who sold the package.
Sold By The employee who sold the package.
Promotion The promotion name (if the package was sold as part of a promotion).
Note: If the front office gives a manual discount on an invoice, this field shows "Manual Discount" as the entry and not a promotion name.
Price The list price of the package.
Discount The discount amount given manually or due to a promotion or campaign.
Prepaid Card Redemption The amount paid for the package using the prepaid card.
Net Price The price of the package before tax and after discount and redemptions.
The value here is Price - (Discount + Loyalty Points Redemption + Prepaid Card Redemption + Gift Card Redemption + Cashback Redemption).
Tax The tax on the Net Price.
Price Paid The amount paid by the guest for the package. Adding the Net Price and Tax gives this value.
Sale Value The sale amount collected through Cash, Card, Check, and Financial Custom Payments.
The sale amount is inclusive of discounts and excluding tax.
Note: If payment is made through redemptions, then the sale value for that package is zero.
Payment Type Displays the Payment type as Cash, Card (Visa, Mastercard), etc.
Created By The name of the employee who created the invoice.
Status Shows the status of the invoice as Open or Closed.
Closed On The date on which the invoice was closed.
Guest Code The unique identifier associated with the guest name.
First Visit Displays Yes or No to indicate if this is the guest's first visit to the center.
Member Displays Yes or No to indicate if the guest has an active membership or not.
Type Indicates if the package is Series or Custom.
Closed By The name of the employee who closed the invoice.
Refund Amount The amount returned to the guest when the package is refunded.
Business Unit The Business Unit the service belongs to.



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